This blog is a collection of essays I’ve written. I’d like it to be a great resource for people on the Internet as well as friends and family.

I am a computer and technology professional interested in information systems, security, gaming, technology, entrepreneurship, and more.


Currently, I am in my Senior year of a double major in Information Systems and Information Security and Risk Management.

In the Fall of 2017, I made the Deans List and was also inducted into the Alpha Sigma Lambda (ΑΣΛ) Honor Society for academic excellence and adult achievement.

After my bachelors is earned, I intend to continue my academic studies in a graduate program to earn a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology Management. In the future, I may perhaps seek out a PhD in computer science once I’ve learned a bit more about software development, coding, and electrical engineering.


Personal Experience

My experience in computers and technology goes back to the early 90’s when I was about 6 years old. I think it was video-games that first caught my attention and curiosity about computers. My dad had brought home a computer with MS-DOS on it and I learned to navigate the command-line to access games I enjoyed. We had a variety of cool games on floppy disks and even had DOOM!

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by decommissioned personal computing hardware as I grew up. I was highly exposed to tinkering with hardware, operating systems, and software all throughout my early years. This trend set me on a path to continue learning about computers and networks.


A big part my enjoyment of computers came from video-games. I grew up with a Nintendo Entertainment System and their descendants. I also was able to put together different configurations of gaming PC’s that used Windows throughout my early years. Gaming gave me a contextually stimulating introduction to hardware requirements, networking, and many other fundamental concepts. I made a lot of good friends from those years and still enjoy an occasional session of games like Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, StarCraft, and Counter-Strike. I try to focus on other things these days, but when I have some recreational time, I sometimes play a game with friends.

If you’re interested in topics about gaming and consumer electronics that I’ve written, check out www.gamersbyte.com


These days, I find my computer interests are growing more into Linux, privacy, security, and system administration. I’ve also developed a large appreciate for free-market enterprise and finance, which perhaps derives from a streak of entrepreneurship within myself. I have ambitions to start a computer service business.

Additionally, I enjoy stand-up comedy, time in nature, cinema, swimming, and personal fitness.